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Django West

Django West vs. The Barfoot Zombie Gang was the first (released) game I was ever part of. The development-team consisted out of Christian Kuhn (Code) and me (Design, GFX, SFX). We released the game under Polymer-Games label in 2011. I sold this game and the app was developer-removed from the AppStore to transfer it to the buyer. This game may not be available / online currently.

Appstore description:
Recipe: Take 6 funny zombie types, mingle with 12 lethal weapons. Put them into a charming wild west town, add some cute characters, refine with groovy music and flavour with a variety of brutal gore-scenes. Take two cooks, bake it up for about 3 months and you’ll get: Django West vs. The Barefoot Zombie Gang

Status: Unknown (App was sold)
Platforms: iOS (universal)
Language: English